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4. Matters needing attention when using graphite electrode

4. Matters needing attention when using graphite electrode


1.The electrode holder shall be clamped outside the warning line of the top electrode,Otherwise, the electrode may be broken easily.The interface between gripper and electrode should be cleaned frequently,To maintain good contact with the electrode ,The clamping device cooling water jacket should avoid leakage.


2.If a crack is found at the electrode joint, the reason should be found out,The connection crack can be removed before use.


3.During electrodes connection , when the nipple pin is found to fall off, the nipple pin should be replaced before connection.


4.Electrodes should be used vertically to avoid tilt operation, especially not horizontally to avoid breaking a set of connected electrodes , to avoid broken .


5.When charging burden into the furnace,Large pieces of material should be loaded near the bottom of the electric furnace , To reduce the collapse of large pieces of burden impact electrode .


6.When smelting, should avoid the insulation material block stack right underof the electrode directly , avoid to affect the electrode using, or even broke the electrode


7.When the electrode is rising or falling, it should avoid touching the furnace cover and lead to the electrode damage .


8.At the smelting site, it is necessary to avoid steel slag splashing onto the thread buckle of the electrode or nipples which stored at the site, thus damaging the precision of the thread.

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